The Rise of the Girl Boss: Where it Came From, Where it’s Going & How to do it too!

Written by Ali Seca on June 6, 2016

The Rise of the Girl Boss: Where it Came From, Where it’s Going & How to do it too!

These days we can’t seem to get enough of everything girl power. While girl power has been around well before the Spice Girls, we can thank leaders of the modern girl power pack such as Taylor Swift and her #squad, Queen Bey and of course the girl who coined the term that took it all to a “whole nother level”, the #GirlBoss herself—Sophia Amoruso.


In case you’re unfamiliar, the term #GirlBoss rose to fame along with Amoruso, who is the founder of cult e-commerce site Nasty Gal. The term shares a name with her well-loved, best-selling book which Fortune Magazine recently called “the millennial working woman’s bible”. Having gone from shoplifter, to owner of a multi-million dollar fashion empire, Amoruso’s story has inspired girls everywhere to be fearless in the pursuit of taking charge of their own lives. Amen to that!

So what’s contributing to all the GB hoopla? Well, let’s just say it’s another thing we can blame on millennials, in the best way possible of course! Unlike our predecessors and parents, us millennial’s are creative and eager to pave our own path to success, making all things #GirlBoss particularly appealing. More than ever, we are not as willing to settle for the average nine to five job to maintain stability and security in our lives. In fact, we are eager to put this all aside in order to make our dreams a reality— whether it is making a major career change, traveling the world or starting our own business—the world is ours for the taking.

Now, does Amoruso’s self-made Cinderella story sound too good to be true? Well, we’re here to tell you— no! Besides, a true GB wouldn’t get too far with that attitude! And if there is anything you should take away from this, it’s that it may not be easy, but you can do it too! Beyoncé and Jessica Alba (ahem, she has a 1.7 billion dollar lifestyle company) aside, there are plenty of non-celeb GB’s to take cues from. Just one look at Instagram for instance and you’ll be flooded with fellow GB’s flaunting their success and just flat out inspiring us to live out our own version of it too. Whether its women with their own beauty companies, clothing boutiques, marketing companies, music businesses etc— these ladies are living proof that #GirlBoss is far from a fad—it’s a movement!

So what are you waiting for? Here’s what YOU need to start living like a true GB:

  1. Have big dreams (check and check!)
  2. Be ambitious and willing to work hard for them! (Remember we said this wasn’t going to be easy!)
  3. Have the right ‘tude! (Amoruso suggests, mature and kind)
  4. Stand up for yourself (all while keeping that ‘tude in check )
  5. Celebrate the small milestones, they add up! (besides, Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  6. Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s necessary for growth! (and future #winning!)

Keep 1-5 alive and your well on your way to being the boss of your own life! See you at the top fellow Girl Bosses!

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