Stop pretending like you understand: 2016 slang decoded for newb’s

Written by Ali Seca on August 2, 2016

Stop pretending like you understand: 2016 slang decoded for newb’s


How many times have you ever received a text or been greeted by someone and have had no idea what they just said to you? Not because of a typo or because of language barriers but because of a simple misunderstanding about the meaning of the word they used. Don’t worry, its happened to the best of us and the culprit is social media. Social media has totally transformed how we use language, and let’s be honest, it’s sometimes downright confusing to understand what the person on the other end is saying. Instead of having to swallow your pride and ask “what the heck did you just say to me?” refer to our slang bible to help you clear up all the confusion.

Blessed: Anyone who knows me knows blessed, bless up and bless are my words. I say them way too much and for some reason everyone around me becomes addicted to saying bless. You might be thinking “I know what blessed means and its so nice that Brooke and her friends are so holy.” Thank you, but no. Blessed, bless up and bless are a way to show one’s happiness or excitement about an act or event. So for instance, say my best friend brings me a coffee in the morning without me having to ask her. I would say “blessed” in response to show my happiness. Another example: say my online order arrives a week prior to expected delivery date….you’d hear me yell “bless up!!!”

Lit: Okay I’m not much of a fan of this one, but its extremely popular, especially with celebs. Lit basically means that a party or event or even a person was extremely crazy. So for instance, “that party was so lit.” “Haley was so lit last night at the club.” Pretty easy…moving on.

Low key: No, its not a key that is low. Instead, low key is your go to if you have a secret to share with someone. Before you tell someone something confidential use “low key” to make sure they keep quiet. Think of “low key” as the new “off the record.” So you’d say “low key, I said I was sick but I really went to another party.”

Glow up: This term is often used by beauty bloggers/vloggers and those who are nothing short of fabulous. Basically it means that someone has went through an incredible transformation. For instance, “have you seen Chloe? After her breakup with Rob she is all about the glow up.” Glow up is also used to refer to the transformation women undergo when they get ready for a night out. “Kim, are you ready to glow up tonight?”

Fam: No we’re not talking about your mom, dad, sister, brother or grandmother. Instead, fam is the new way to greet your group of friends or even one individual friend. The next time you meet up with your closest gal pal try a “hey fam” instead of “hey girl.”

Well that about wraps ups our little slang lesson. If you made it to the end, congratulations you’re now a 2016 slang pro #bless. Now go celebrate by glowing up and getting lit with your fam. But keep it low key since it is a weekday and you probably have to work tomorrow. See what I just did there? Always testing your knowledge.

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