Patio Szn!

Written by Terra Morrell on June 6, 2017


It’s summertime in the ‘six’. Well at least its supposed to be. As soon as all this rain passes Torontonians are going to be scouring the streets looking for good patio spots because, well, who doesn’t love patio season. As we know there are many great patios in the city, here are a few of my favourites with different feels for whatever mood you’re in.

If you’re looking for good eats and a great view my choice would be Amsterdam Brewery. The location is everything. I love that it is right beside the water and if it’s a really hot day this factor will be sure you give a little bit more of a breeze. Also not to mention the food is great (get the ceviché) and they have an awesome beer and cocktail selection!

If you’re just looking for a prime patio to drink on look no further than The Porch. This spot has been a poppin’ location for a couple years now and every summer it doesn’t disappoint. The crowd at The Porch really makes it, its full of fun loving young professionals. Not to mention the view is wicked and the fact that it’s a rooftop and not on street level is even better.

If you’re looking for a night time patio that has a little bit more of a club vibe I would hit up Cube. In the heart of Queen West you catch a great view of the bright city lights at night on this rooftop. The music is usually top 40 and it’s always sure to fill up in there and be a good party.

Last but definitely not least is Cold Tea in Kensington Market. I LOVE this bar. They have an awesome patio that fills up for a really cool Sunday day party in the back of the bar. This is one of Kensington Market’s hidden gems. Its not big or fancy but the bartenders are great, the music is so good and they sell Dim Sum in the bar, so that’s pretty wicked.

Hit up these great spots and find so many more throughout the city!

Happy patio szn y’all!

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