Me, Myself and I

Written by Ali Seca on August 9, 2016

Me, Myself and I

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the office, then on to the inevitably jam packed rush-hour streetcar, I transfer to the (somehow) even more commuter filled train. Finally, I arrive at my stop and emerge from the dark chaos of the underground subway station, into the light of the street and suddenly— I am alone. Well, not entirely alone. The streets are still filled with people, yet there I was not really knowing what I was to now do with myself in the couple of hours I had to kill before my meeting. I’d like to think we’ve all been in this situation, introverts and extroverts alike. Yes, maybe it is because I am a self-described extrovert, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get nervously anxious at the prospect of having to spend time with myself—alone. In public.

We have so many tools at our disposal these days to “shield” ourselves from looking oh so lonely— you know what I’m talking about! If you have ever found yourself in line, or sitting somewhere in public alone even if only for a few minutes, I am certain you too have felt that sudden and overwhelming urge to pull out your phone and make it look like you have friends somewhere, somehow, even if they aren’t with you at that very moment.

So why is there this constant need for us to be with others at all times or at least make it appear as if we are not entirely alone? Let’s just leave it to the way we have been socialized pretty much our entire lives. From the time we were brought up in the school system, we have sat with others, been placed in group work situations, or were paired up with a “buddy”. Fast forward to today, especially in the working world, not much has changed. Despite our desire to always be surrounded by others and the comfort that it brings, many of us (in fact 80%) also know having a little me, myself, and I time is really good and even healthy for us. In fact, research has shown that alone time can most notably relieve anxiety, boost your creativity, your sense of empathy, work ethic, and not to state the obvious, but it really gets you to know you!

With all of this being said, for those of you with friends not worth having or dates not worth dating I urge you to develop the most important relationship you will forever have in your life, and that is with yourself! Let’s stop associating being alone with being lonely and start to associate it with being efficient, confident, independent, and my personal fave—self love! This week, try carving out a little time for a “me day” or a “me date”, (sans shield aka your phone!). Even though you may have the first date jitters, I have no doubt you won’t want to make a second day or date of it, especially when it’s with someone as wonderful as yourself!

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