I Love You… But There’s a New iPhone Coming Out Soon, and I Really Want to Play the Field

Written by Ali Seca on May 30, 2016

I Love You… But There’s a New iPhone Coming Out Soon, and I Really Want to Play The Field


The other day my good friend, who, for this blog post will be called Sasha, was telling me about her relationship with her boyfriend, let’s call him Mark. It was the usual “girl talk” that one would expect, however this time I picked up on something. Sasha said that nothing was really wrong between her and Mark, but that she was bored and “needed a change.” Really, I thought. I mean, I usually get bored when it comes to things like my hair colour or a song, or a dress—not a human. I was especially surprised since Sasha and Mark have been together for over 2 years. I know people grow apart but this just seemed random – they appear so happy. How could this happen all of a sudden? Could something like this happen to me and my boyfriend? Holy poop, I was about to give myself a heart attack just thinking about it.

Throughout the day I started to think about what Sasha had said even more. I know Sasha really well and it was not like her to give up so easily on something that did and does make her happy.  It wasn’t till that night, over 10 hours later, when I found my answer: iPhones. Okay so iPhones, are not literally the problem but the concept of them is. Before you deem me a crazy person, just hear me out. I promise, I am getting to something.

A new iPhone comes out almost every year forcing us to want something new and forget about what we currently have. We are taught that after a year or two, something better is bound to come along and we should want that something simply because it’s new; not because we need it or there’s something wrong with what we currently have, but because it replaces the “boring.” Case in point: hookup culture is at the height of its career and divorce rates are at an all time high. I mean, how can we can expect couples to stay together and people to commit to one person for forever when we can’t even commit to one iPhone or Samsung for longer than 2 years.

Sasha was a victim, just like many other millennial’s, to the belief that there is always something better out there—a form of FOMO. We live in a time where everything is so replaceable, and the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. But I wonder, is it really greener? Is there a better Mark out there for Sasha or is she like many other men and women who fall into an endless cycle of not appreciating what is right in front of them? Instead of working on flaws and sticking it out because of “love” many couples move on and look for the next best thing because the next best thing is so damn accessible. No one has to work for anything if they don’t want to. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder….no way I’ll be thinking about you when I can have bae’s at my fingertips with just one swipe. The same holds true for our phones. I don’t have to commit to my iPhone 6 when I know that iPhone 7 is right around the block (hopefully in time for Xmas-you know the perfect Xmas gift)—you’re temporary hunny, don’t get too comfortable seems to be the motto in love and in phone selection.

I’m not promoting staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy. If you’re unhappy, then of course, move on and find yourself someone who loves you like a fat kid loves cake. I’m just saying, I have witnessed so many people cheat, or flirt on social media, and leave a good person and good relationship simply because the feeling of having something “new” excites them… for awhile. What I am saying though, is that this feeling has intensified as a result of our making everything overly accessible. The vicious and never ending cycle of not being satisfied is something we have been accustomed to thanks to things like interchangeability of our phones, which makes it 1) difficult to realize and 2) difficult to snap out of.

So, what can you do to snap out of it? Just be aware of it. The next time you think about ghosting Jeffery because a hotter version of him slides into your DM’s, ask yourself if “new” Jeffery is really better. Are you moving on because Jeffery sucks or are you moving on because you’re “bored?” Who knows, Jeffery could very well be your baby-daddy if you gave him a chance, got off Instagram and paid attention to his eyes and like, all that other important stuff (like his dreams). Anyways, what do I know….I’m just a hopeless romantic. * Sigh*

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