Cuffing Season

Written by Ali Seca on October 4, 2016


The winter months are fast approaching—which means it’s time to get boo-ed up for cuddle weather. With cuffing season around the corner, there’s a lot of pressure to find that special someone to Netflix and chill. Finding the time to get out and meet people is hard, and as society moves closer to the digital world, dating apps are a great resource to meet your potential bae! The dating app phenomenon has created a convenient way to get to know people while on the go. If you’re new to the online dating world, you’ll want to know what the best apps are, how to make the best profile, what to say, etc. Have no fear, the #LiquidLadies are here to break it down.

Here are some of our best online dating tips to help you find the perfect bae

  1. Picking an app is difficult; we suggest rotating and avoid using many at once so you don’t get overwhelmed. We love Happn because it encouraged real life encounters immediately, allowing you to connect and determine if there’s chemistry right away. This helps avoid the long drawn out texting scenarios.
  2.  Share your life through your pictures; we recommend at least six images for your profile; make sure the images are current. Do you love being active? Are you a family person, etc.? Share this through your pictures. Also, your profile should have at least one clear, full body photo and try to avoid the selfie if possible.
  3. Don’t try too hard. Be you, authenticity shines through. The harder you try to impress, the more hurting you look.
  4. Encourage a meet up ASAP. Connecting in person is where it all begins so try to set aside some time to see if there is a real connection. We suggest meeting in a public area to ensure you’re comfortable and safe. Happn recently launched the new “See you There” feature, which works much like the Facebook chat feature. You turn it on if you’re free for a drink, or a walk etc., and connect with others who are also available and nearby.

Now go ahead and put these tools to use. Good luck 😉

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