Why Company Culture is Key

Written by Ali Seca on July 19, 2016


Why Company Culture is 🔑 Key


 Whether you choose to come to terms with it or not, we spend about 50% of our lives at work. Yes, there are those who don’t have the typical 9-5, but for the average Joe this rings true more than ever. So for those of us who are living the 9-5 office life, if you’re not happy where you’re spending 50% of your time, (surprise surprise!) you’re likely not happy period. And what exactly accounts for happiness at work you may ask? The answer: company culture of course!

Unfamiliar with company culture? Formally speaking, it defines the way organizations interact with each other, the outside world, clients and partners. Many argue it’s not only the key to overall happiness in the workplace and beyond, but it also contributes to a few other important things: it attracts new hires (happiness is contagious!), but it also helps to build lasting workplace relationships. Overall, great company culture is a total win-win where team members are more eager to dive headfirst into their tasks, being more productive and profitable—giving companies a competitive edge.

In case you need even more convincing, the truth is in the stats:

  • Happy employees are 12% more productive
  • Companies with happy employees beat the competition by 20%
  • A team atmosphere promotes close work friendships, which make employees more likely to engage fully in their work… by 50%!

Now, you may be thinking that we are being a little overly optimistic here. However, we’re here to tell you it’s all tried and true because were living and breathing this philosophy at Liquid Communications. While we may not have the same state of the art work spaces that Facebook and Google are known for—you won’t find any foosball tables or nap pods here!—we make things fun in our own way. Whether our Comms Director is bringing in loads of sweet treats for National Chocolate Day or whether we are taking a day off after a busy few weeks to head to the Toronto Island as a team, we are all about embracing the motto “work hard, play harder”… And we’d like to think it pays off big time!

With this, we leave you with a little more inspiration, by introducing the top 3 things that our team has in common— a PhD! And we don’t mean a doctorate! We all have the Passion for the work we do, the Heart to see our jobs accomplished and the Desire to be the best PR agency. So why wait to be the best that you can be in the workplace and beyond? You can start small at first (think: lunch outings, baseball games etc) but we promise, you will begin to see big rewards once you invest in having a little fabulous fun with your team way more often!

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