From a Millennial That Doesn’t Fit the “Mold”

Written by Ali Seca on July 4, 2016

From a Millennial that doesn’t fit the “mold”

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Millennials – Lazy, greedy, attention seeking, technology crazed. They can’t build real relationships. They can’t survive without the latest smart phone or the internet. And they always want everything right here, right NOW.

But what about those Millennials who still believe in the work ethic of the previous generation? Who would be more than happy to throw their phone into a lake and never look at it again. The ones who crave a face to face conversation or don’t mind picking up the phone to call someone. The ones who are victims to the oh so common stereotypes that surround our generation.

Older generations and the media love to pigeon hole us Millennials as spoiled, Snap Chat crazed brats, who are more preoccupied with sharing pictures of our eggs benny brunch date on Instagram than actually enjoying it. That’s not excluding how we supposedly also have no idea how to socialize “IRL” like all the other generations and want it all, yet are not willing to work for. These stereotypes haunt Millennials every day during our younger years, our college years and even during our job searches.

I am a millennial (in case you haven’t already guessed) yet, I know that I don’t fit many of the stereotypes that plague my entire generation. Yes, I indulge in social media a little bit too much, my phone is practically glued to me and I do want things to happen now.

BUT, I am not lazy, I don’t slack off and I most certainly wouldn’t call myself entitled– in fact, far from it! I love face to face interactions (not over face time) and I do prefer to talk to someone over the phone rather than over text. I also have an extremely strong work ethic and I understand the value of a hard day’s work. Most importantly, I am not afraid to work hard for what I want.

The “mold” is even harder to break for Millennials that were raised by the Baby Boomer generation (or the generation right after that, like myself) because these Millennials grew up before the digital boom or just at the start of it. This group of Millennials were taught about the importance of face to face conversations, hard work and a good work ethic.  Unfortunately, these Millennials are grouped into the same “mold” as the younger Millennials that have grown up in a fully digitized world. Whereas Millennials like myself for instance, have the best of both worlds.

So the next time the media (or even yourself) characterize Millennials, remember like all stereotypes, not everyone fits the “mold”.

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