Festivals in The 6ix

Written by Ali Seca on May 9, 2016

Festivals in The 6ix

Summer in The 6ix is full of entertainment and events each weekend. Our city is known for an abundance of street festivals in ever industry from food to music to art and more. With so many happenings it may be hard to choose so we’ve rounded up our 5 fav festivals to put on your to do list this summer.


CHIN Picnic & The Taste of Little Italy

This genius collaboration is happening again for it’s second year in a row on Father’s Day Weekend, June 17 – 19th. The merge of the two great festivals, allows festival goers to indulge in all the tasty treats the Taste of Little Italy has to offer with food vendors lining the streets for blocks, as well as, enjoy CHIN’s headlining entertainment from across the globe! CHIN Picnic is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year so we know it’ll be an eventful weekend with some killer entertainment. I hope you brought your dancing shoes!

Toronto Fringe

Toronto’s largest theater festival and spanning over 12 days, this festival has 148 shows and over 1,100 innovative and jaw dropping performances. If theater isn’t your thing, there’s also dance, visual art, buskers and site specific performances to enjoy. The maximum ticket price is just $12!  Toronto Fringe runs from June 29 to July 10 and makes for a fun means of entertainment outside the usual options!

UNITY Festival

If you are a hip-hop fan (or a music lover) look no further! UNITY Festival is a four-day event celebrating the diversity of hip-hop, including beatboxing, dance and spoken word. UNITY Festival has hosted artists like RichKid, Kid David, Ball-Zee and many more. This year’s festival runs from July 20 to 23.

Toronto Food Truck Festival (TFTF)

This mayyyyy be our favourite festival of the bunch, because who doesn’t love “street meat!” This festival is built around street vendor and food truck culture which has been a growing trend – especially in #The6ix! The TFTF is dedicated to creating public awareness about the diversity that the food trucks community has to offer. This will be the festivals third year (and many more to come!) and runs from July 29 to the 31.  This is a must for all foodies – just make sure you come hungry!

Sweetery Toronto

If you have a sweet tooth – this festival is definitely for you! Spanning over two days, and showcases the best confectionary stores this great city has to offer,  vendors will be serving up the most delicious treats! Sweetery Toronto also includes a stamp card feature, so, collect all five stamps and receive a loot bag filled with treats! Close out the summer at this festival, which runs August 20 to 21 and book your dentist appointment on Aug. 22nd!

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