Tis the season

Written by Pierce Csurgo on November 20, 2015

“It’s that time of year already?”

“Don’t be such a Scrooge!”

“Bah! Humbug!”

For some, it’s too soon. To others, it’s never early enough. Christmas was just a vague thought after Halloween, and now it’s everywhere we look, yet still weeks from the date. It’s called the ‘Christmas Creep’ – every year the holiday season seems to start earlier. Whether mythical or not, trees are being decorated and lit brightly, while storefront displays have rhythmically kept pace with the change of seasons. And we’re not complaining!

PR professionals and other marketers are fans of the holidays because of the deep roots in strong imagery and ties to emotional narratives, both personal and culturally. You need not venture far to find an opinionated voice on the new, neutral holiday cup design of a multinational coffee house after eighteen years of distinct Christmas imagery. It may only be an update on old symbols, but for some, memories are anchored tightly to the longstanding semiotics. Marketers use symbolic associations, with varying degrees of success, to shape personal connections with brands. PR helps to build these relationships and link iconography with current campaigns.

Here at Liquid Communications, we get excited about Christmas and other holiday seasons for obvious reasons. It’s a great time to promote our clients and their exciting work projects. We love the events and pop-ups that incite smiles among participants. It’s one way we participate in the multitude of events that brings warmth to our frosty city. We’ve picked out some of our favorite happenings going on this year in Toronto.

Toronto Christmas Market

The European-style inspired Christmas market in the Distillery District was voted one of the best in the world by Frommers Travel. We enjoy bundling up, and checking out the local vendors’ offerings all while being cuddled by carolers and steaming mulled wine.

One of a Kind Christmas Show

More than 800 artisans gather their unique works for holiday shoppers at the Enercare Centre by the lake. It’s the largest of its kind in North America. It’s the place for gifts that ooh and awe recipients.

Toronto Christmas Festival

Close enough that we see it from our offices, Dundas Square gets turned into the heart of the city’s Christmas festivities. Santa makes regular appearances to take present requests and pictures. Some of us have been known to sneak out for the complimentary hot cocoa and marshmallows. Not naming names, of course…

There are plenty more festivities on offer, but whatever your flavor for the season is, there’s no lack of choice Toronto to celebrate it. Symbols may change but the spirit remains. Liquid Communications wishes you a happy holiday season!

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