3 Easy-Care Indoor Plants for Beginners

Written by Amy Theriault on May 9, 2017

With summer approaching, there’s no better time than now to fill your personal space with some greenery. Plants are not only great for their visually-pleasing aesthetic, but also for the benefits they hold such as their ability to purify the air and boost one’s mood. Some plants can be tricky for first-timers, but with careful […]

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Responding to Fake News in PR and Beyond

Written by Loren Dingwall on April 3, 2017

With the recent rise of fake news, it can be increasingly challenging to distinguish fact from fiction. Social media has become a particular platform for misinformation. Regardless of politics, fake news and misinformation pose challenges for those of us working in PR—and those of us on social media! Public relations relies on media coverage in […]

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Making the #6ix Relevant (Again…)

Written by Vandon Gene on March 29, 2017

Toronto always seems to struggle with its identity. To Americans, we’re known as Canada’s only city. To most Canadians outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we’re known as the New York of the Great White North. Yet, to us Torontonians, we’re known as a city unique in its own right. Last week, Canadian rapper […]

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Transitioning your Makeup from Winter to Spring

Written by Nicole Christofilos on March 27, 2017

As we prepare to welcome the official start of spring, hopefully all the cold winter weather is now behind us and we can all start looking forward to more sunshine! Fashion brands have started to roll out their spring dresses and open-toed shoes, preparing for the welcomed embrace of a warm spring breeze. With the […]

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Canada’s About to Get Lit

Written by Stefani Warme on March 21, 2017

With Canada’s 150th birthday right around the corner, it’s important to plan ahead if you’re interested in experiencing some of the amazing events that will be offered this summer in celebration. Not much of a planner? Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for! Summer itself is reason to celebrate, but this summer marks a special […]

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Moving Toward Sustainable Style

Written by Loren Dingwall on February 24, 2017

It’s no secret that global warming has become a serious concern in recent years. As global warming is an issue that affects us all on some level or another, environmentally friendly consumer products have become increasingly common in our everyday lives. But how has the fashion industry responded? As someone who loves both fashion and […]

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