Making the #6ix Relevant (Again…)

Written by Vandon Gene on March 29, 2017


Toronto always seems to struggle with its identity. To Americans, we’re known as Canada’s only city. To most Canadians outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we’re known as the New York of the Great White North.

Yet, to us Torontonians, we’re known as a city unique in its own right. Last week, Canadian rapper and Toronto enthusiast Drake released his newest musical masterpiece, More Life. In Drake’s non-conventional style, he released this ‘album’ like work as a playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

Drake broke all previous streaming records, with nearly 90 million streams in its first 24 hours on Apple’s streaming service. That’s a lot of listeners!

Why is this so important to us Torontonians? Because Drake is making our city relevant around the world. As a native Torontonian, Drake includes Toronto in his brand. He lives and breathes this city. After all, the term “#6ix” was created by him – and our famous “#VIEWS” only became a hashtag because of Drizzy.

Drake’s international stardom has caused for Toronto to become internationally recognized. When people hear his music, or think of his personality, they think of Toronto. The name of his clothing line, OVO is even used to brand a Toronto music festival that thousands of people around the world attend every year – OVO Fest.

While his newest ‘album’ may not be as heavily Toronto focused as VIEWS, it definitely keeps Toronto relevant around the world.

References to Toronto in his newest songs, such as the Queen Street reference in “Lose You”, will continuously keep people interested in the city’s most iconic neighbourhoods and landmarks.

Although the “Queen Street vision” that he references is important, we’re still waiting on that King West representation (Queen Street is so 2014)!

Drake has given Toronto new meaning. Along with our rapid growth, stellar standard of living, and friendly big city lifestyle are all reasons for Toronto to be critically acclaimed as the best city on Earth, Drake has given this city the international attention that it has been longing for, for so long.

So while some may want to visit the Big Apple, and others may be interested in being blown away by the Windy City, a whole new generation of people are wanting to run through the 6ix with their woes and catch a glimpse of the place where the 6 God hails from.

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