Get into your own head

Written by Terra Morrell on June 20, 2017


Anxiety is becoming more and more common amongst young professionals and people in general. We though it would be a good idea to write about some easy tips and tricks that can help us get our anxiety under control, as well as start a conversation so we can end the stigma around mental health.

There are many factors that contribute to anxiety, not to mention everyone deals with things differently. The following are just some ways to impact your day-to-day life that should help reduce the chances of feeling anxious. As well we will touch on ways to nip anxiety in the butt when we start to feel it coming on.

In regards to your day-to-day life, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle will surely impact your health in all kinds of positive ways. It may sound cliché but eating healthy, getting enough sleep and regular exercise will have tremendous benefits on your physical and mental health. When our bodies are performing at their optimum potential the mind will follow. Of course, limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption will also play a large role in keeping anxiety subdued.  Although, of all the things I’ve mentioned this seems to be the hardest to maintain, especially the caffeine intake. If our readers are anything like us, coffee plays a key role in the busy agency life we have here, however, finding other outlets to help us stay awake and alert have become a necessary thing. For example, leaving your desk for a few minutes to go outside and get some fresh air. This is sure to wake you up a little if you need it.

When you start to feel anxious take a time out. Be conscious of taking care of you before anything else. This can sometimes be the hardest thing when life seems so demanding of us. However, removing yourself for a few minutes and taking some deep breaths can produce the best results. We are the masters and keepers of our own bodies and sometimes, not always, but sometimes you just need to take time to get out or in to your own head. Also find things and people that make you feel good and fill your life with them.

I’m not a doctor in any way but I have suffered with anxiety my whole life, and as I get older and problems get more serious and life gets more busy these are a few things that have helped me take back my life and gain control of my happiness. Let’s face it, life is very hard and if all you did today was keep it together than I’m proud of you. It isn’t easy but you’re doing a great job!

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