3 Toronto Artists to Add to Your Music Library…Now

Written by Amy Theriault on May 30, 2017

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAY 14 - Jazz Cartier walks onto the crowd while performing at JMBLYA in Austin, Texas. "I think a lot of it came from me being the only black kid at a couple of my schools," Cartier says of the superstar title many people attribute him with. Everyone was looking already, he said, so why not be outspoken?  "I'm just used to eyes being on me." Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star

Photo Credit: Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star

The Toronto music scene has been blowing up lately, but it’s important to note that Drake, The Weeknd and PartyNextDoor aren’t the only artists you should be listening to from the GTA.

Here are 3 artists who have roots in Toronto that you should give a listen to if you haven’t already.

Jazz Cartier
With his “Hotel Paranoia” winning ‘Rap Recording of the Year’ at the Juno Awards, Jazz Cartier is proving his self-proclaimed ‘Prince of the City’ title. The 24-year-old rapper has created a sound unique to him that has the Toronto rap culture hooked. Apart from his new sound, I can personally vouch for his ability to put on an amazing live performance. Despite a terrible snowstorm, fans packed Rebel on December 15, 2016 and Jazz did not disappoint. Jazz Cartier, Jacuzzi LaFleur, Jaye Adams, whatever you wish to call him, add him to your library…now!

Recommended downloads:

  • Marauding in Paris (2015)
  • Hotel Paranoia (2016)

Sean Leon
Sean Leon, in my opinion, is one of the most creative artists coming out of Toronto right now not receiving enough recognition. One listen to his work and you will be able to hear to his passion from the amazingly-executed production, to the words that stick with you. If his work isn’t enough to impress you, the fact that he does it all himself will. He is a multifaceted artist with a unique sound that will leave you feeling something.

Recommended downloads:

  • Ninelevenne, The Tragedy (2013)
  • Narcissus, the Drowning of Ego (2014)
  • I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father) (2017)

If you like what you hear, consider watching “Life When You’re The Movie” and “81” for some creatively-genius visual content from him.

Daniel Caesar
Moving away from the rap genre, we enter the beautiful sound of R&B/Soul Daniel Caesar gifts us with. Recently gaining fame for his song, Get You ft. Kali Uchis, which he performed at the Juno Awards, many are unaware of the other music he has to offer. The first time I heard Daniel Caesar through my headphones I knew I had found a new favourite artist. His R&B/Soul sound with hints of a gospel undertone will move you similarly to Frank Ocean. If his recorded sound is not enough, I can vouch for the fact that he sounds just as smooth live.

Recommended downloads:

  • Praise Break (2014)
  • Acoustic Break (2015)
  • Pilgrim’s Paradise (2016)

I suggest you now download all of the recommendations, not to only support local Toronto artists, but to make your music library 10x better.

3 Toronto Artists to Add to Your Music Library…Now

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