3 Easy-Care Indoor Plants for Beginners

Written by Amy Theriault on May 9, 2017


With summer approaching, there’s no better time than now to fill your personal space with some greenery. Plants are not only great for their visually-pleasing aesthetic, but also for the benefits they hold such as their ability to purify the air and boost one’s mood. Some plants can be tricky for first-timers, but with careful selection your indoor space will be thriving!

Here are 3 plants that are easy to care for and will brighten your living space.

Jade Plant


A type of succulent, Jade Plants are an essential for everyone’s collection. When collecting your first few plants, you are going to want to find ones that have an easy and simple plant-care regime, and the Jade Plant is just that. It is important to know that this plant does not need a watering schedule, simply water it whenever the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure to put your Jade Plant in an area where it will receive a good amount of sunlight during the day, like by a window and you’ll be good to go!

Snake Plant


With many varieties to choose from, Snake Plants are one of the most tolerant plants with a very straightforward plant-care regime. Although not recommended, these plants can be neglected for weeks at a time and still look fresh and lively. Snake plants can be placed in indirect sunlight and don’t have to be watered too often, especially during the winter. Between being almost too easy to care for and having a unique look, snake plants will be the perfect addition to your first plant family.

Peace Lily


Peace Lilies are commonly found in homes because they are both beautiful and easy to grow. If you don’t have a space near a window, this is the plant for you. Peace Lilies don’t require much light to grow and can be kept in darker spaces if needed. Just make sure to keep its soil moist and you be rewarded with gorgeous white blooms.

These 3 plants will be the perfect start to your collection; happy plant-parenting!

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